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saavikam77 wrote in flarrow_legends
Welcome to Flarrow Legends! This is the place for all things related to The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and their related universe, including Supergirl and Constantine. All related content is welcome, including fic, art, graphics, news, discussion, reviews, general squee, and links to awesome stuff posted elsewhere on the internet, including tumblr and AO3. Content related to all characters and pairings is also welcome, as are works with any rating.

Guidelines are the usual: Be cool, keep works over 100w behind a cut, and use headers and tags.

Have a question or request? Wanna be a co-mod? Wanna affiliate your comm with flarrow_legends? Got tag suggestions? Let me know in the comments.

See you all in Star City, Central City, and on the Waverider!

Community tags: welcome, tags, arrow, the flash, legends of tomorrow, supergirl, constantine, news, fic, art, graphics, icons, review, discussion, announcement, au, crossover, request/search, recs, het, gen, femslash, slash, rating: g, rating: pg, rating: pg-13, rating: r, rating: nc-17

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Oh, yeah, I just didn't get to it yet. I kinda had a nervous breakdown for a few days there (stupid anxiety and depression; I think I need a change in my meds), so I dropped this like a hot rock. I'll see if I can get the tags up today, then maybe repost some of my fic over here.

Can't wait to read your fic! :)

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