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Fic Exchange?
I love to read
kitkaos wrote in flarrow_legends
This idea has been bugging me for a while now... Since we have this awesome, shiny new comm, would there be any interest in a Arrow/Flash/Legends of Tomorrow Fic Exchange? Personally, I always find it a lot more of an incentive to finish a fic in the setting of an exchange.


If yes, when and where (AO3/LJ?)?

Also if yes, would anyone be willing/free to help me organize such an exchange?

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I wouldn't be too discouraged at the lack of response to this idea as LJ is pretty lackluster when it comes to stuff like this these days, sad to say. However, you might want to pimp this idea on your journal and to comms that allow pimping.

Also, dcu_bang will be allowing sign-ups May 1st, so you should pimp that, too. With all the new shows going on (and who doesn't want a BIG fix-it for this week's Arrow?), someone might get inspired to write something for the Big Bang. :)

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