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Beta Readers
skara_brae wrote in flarrow_legends
Hello everyone,

I thought it might be nice if we had a place for people who need beta readers/are willing to beta read.

For Writers:
Post [Beta Wanted] in Subject Line
1. Type of Fic
2. Rating (Explicit, mature, general, etc.)
3. Pairing
4. Approx. word count
5. Any time restrictions (need by next week, etc.)

For Beta Readers

Post [Volunteer] in Subject Line
1. Contact Information (email or PM)
2. Preferred Pairing(s)
3. Restrictions (Is there something you won't beta? Character death, noncon, etc.)
4. Extra info/Special skills

Thank you! And happy reading/writing. ;)

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[Beta Wanted] Legends of Tomorrow

Ok, I'll go first. =)

Type of Fic: AU, set in Sentinel/Guide universe
Rating: R
Pairing: Ray Palmer/Leonard Snart
Approx. word count: 10,000-15,000 words
Any time restrictions: None

Examples of my writing (if needed) are here.

Thank you!

[Volunteer] LoT, Arrow

Contact Info: PM me ;)
Preferred Pairing(s): Len/Ray, the Hawks, Len & Sara BFFs, Olicity, Roy/Thea
Restrictions: More of a fan of plot and conflict than of PWP, also noncon/dubcon and anything too gory are squicks, don't make me go there
Extra info/Special skills: Not a native speaker, but good with things like characterization, pacing, etc. Also not the fastest beta, since my RL is usually super busy atm.

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